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Long Road

"When setting out on a journey,
do not seek advice from those who have never left home."

We have walked the road of domestic violence.  We know the fear and the shame and the confusion.  We know how hard it is to figure out what is happening, to think that DV is only about hitting (false).  Yes, we know the road and when we speak about it, we validate others.  We are seen as experts, as those who made it through, we offer hope and insight and we point the way for others. 

Bold doesn’t mean loud, it means insisting upon a seat at the table and going there understanding that we are there representing millions of others who don’t have the opportunity to do so.  We meet up with   academic research partners at this table and get to collaborate on some really amazing projects.( Safe at Home, PROMISE, WITHWomen Pathways, WITHWomen screening)

We bring our lived experience expertise into education.  DV is confusing.  We offer workshops for organizational leaders as well as staff.  Presenting the information is half the goal, validating and providing insight and tools for self-identification is what separates our sessions from others’.

Finally, we bring our lived experience into team building and corporate events.  If there’s anything that we have learned over the last decade, it’s that there are so many ways to grow as a person, so many ways to tackle challenges head on to make sure that your future is way better than your past.  You can’t live life looking backwards, you won’t get very far down that road if you do.  We love to look forward!  We created Tough Times Ranch to do just that.


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Stoney Creek, ON. Canada

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