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Keeping Women and Children Safe During COVID-19-Related Home Confinement;

Technology based safety-planning for women and children living with violence. Physical distancing requirements are preventing many community services and health-care providers from reaching and developing safety plans (i.e. detailed plans for the logistics of leaving an abusive partner) for women living with intimate partner violence. What’s more, safety planning strategies that are appropriate for times of public health emergencies do not currently exist. New solutions are urgently needed.

Solutions Network: Safe at Home

The Safe at Home initiative with the City of Hamilton. Housing solutions for women experiencing intimate partner violence. One in four Canadian women will experience physical, sexual, and/or psychological violence from an intimate partner in her lifetime.

For many women, leaving a violent relationship means being displaced from home and community.

To help support safe housing solutions for women and children experiencing Intimate Partner Violence, visit:
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Single Case Experimental Design (SCED Project)

Refining experimental-design research for use with women living with partner violence. 

WITHWomen Project

Putting screening and safety planning into women’s hands. One in three women in Canada will face physical, sexual and/or psychological violence from an intimate partner in her lifetime. It often takes time – and sometimes, the escalation of violence – for people to accept that they are in an unsafe relationship and need support.

Unfortunately, screening for partner violence is very rarely, if ever, a routine part of a clinic visit. When screening does happen, it’s not always a private process nor are the ‘right’ questions being asked. 

Poster Campaign

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) December 2020 - February 2021

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is a network of seven hospitals and a cancer centre. HHS shared our safety planning poster online with 15,000 staff and physicians and ensured it was posted in all staff bathrooms.

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