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We are a team of dedicated individuals that transform ideas into great experiences.


Co-Founder/ Co-CEO

Cathy Watts


Co-Founder/ Co-CEO

Petra Babic


Harry Hodges

I've spent my entire life working with cattle and horses. Dairy farmed for 15 years and had one of Canada's best productivity herds, raised beef cattle for nearly 19 years and was the owner of a horse boarding and training facility. I operated practices out of there, trained rope horses and taught rodeo. I have approximately 28 years of rodeo experience, participating in tie-down and team roping. Gained entry to the 2011 Canadian semi-pro finals in Regina, Saskatchewan after winning approximately 10 Ontario titles in tie-down. I managed a cattle and horse farm in Northern Ontario for the Stronach Family and taught roping, tie-down, breakaway, and team roping for many years. I find it very rewarding when riders and ropers achieve success.

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Dayana Smojver

Founder/Owner Aligned Wellness, Equine Inspired Wellness Coaching Services

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Certified Health & Life Coach


Aligned Wellness, where horses heal, restore and balance mind, body and soul. We offer holistic wellness programs for individuals, group workshops as well as wellness retreats both locally, within southern USA and abroad. 


Aligned Wellness Philosophy:

Utter wellbeing is our greatest passion and ultimate goal.  We believe in a renewed sense of self, wellbeing and encourage empowering your highest potential. Aligned Wellness embodies empowering beliefs that anyone can be, do or have anything of which they desire in their life experience and live a joyous fulfilling life experience at all levels.


Our equine-assisted learning programs are an experiential and transformative modality.  Experiential learning with horses provides incredible insight, personal reflection, and a renewed sense of self-awareness. Participants, whether involved in individual or group programming, self-develop walking away with a renewed sense of confidence, improved communication skills, stronger relationships, and new tools for implementing meaningful sustained change.

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Kelly Vaillancourt

Kelly is a health care leader with 20 years of developing leaders and team while bringing transformational change to the workplace.  She has experience in the private, education, social services and healthcare sectors.  Each experience brought the opportunity to meet new people, grow and learn which lead her to coaching.  As a coach, Kelly’s ability to define the actual problem versus identifying the symptom gives her the ability to create processes and systems in a collaborative and fun way.  She does this by really listening to what people are saying, clarifying the issues and working together to find the solutions to work within the culture of the team.  Kelly has a process to help people with change, so it is less overwhelming and more manageable, it is her coaching superpower.  Kelly loves meeting new people, learning what their unique combination of strengths and interests are and then helping them clarify what they want out of their careers, so they have more joy in their lives.


Kelly has a degree in adult education from Brock University, a Healthcare Leadership certificate from McMaster University, a diploma in Respiratory Therapy from the Michener Institute.  She has also taken many workshops including Lego Strategic play to facilitate her work using Lego.  She is a member in good standing of the International Coaches Federation and the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario. 

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